« The Connected Sleeve » : the first smartphone embedded recharching solution, smart & elegant.

 The CES Innovation Awards distinguished in November in New York City « The Connected Sleeve ». Among more than 3 000 candidates it encouraged this House’s approach of smart integration.

De Rigueur will exhibit its new leather goods collection including this brand new embedded and wireless recharging solution at the CES. This major event will take place in Las Vegas from 6th January to 9th January 2016 within Eureka Park.

A frustrating digital situation

The technologic world that we now live in deeplys modified our lifestyles and generated new issues with new problems. For instance, the battery breakdown is first ranked among these fears linked to our connected environment. In fact, an intensive user needs to reload its smartphone several times per day and needs most of the time a bunch of rescue cables and batteries.

The Connected Sleeve, by DE RIGUEUR

The young House DE RIGUEUR offers a unique solution to reload smartphones in an embedded, wireless, smart & elegant way. The Connected Sleeve is directly embedded in cases and leather goods accessories designed by the brand and handmade in France.

The Connected Sleeve by DE RIGUEUR is the perfect association of French handmade « savoir-faire » and connected goods, smart & elegant.

Reload your smartphone in one gesture

The smart energy consumption is optimized thanks to its patented architecture and its embedded software. It enables to its user to reload its smartphone twice and its autonomy  lasts 15 days. Without any wire, The Connected Sleeved recharge itself either by electromagnetic induction or by a discrete USB plug included in an elastomer flap. The Connected Sleeve communicates its status of charge to the user thanks to a discrete LED and a mobile application. Conceived to replace each solution in the market, this solution can be used any time, in a sedentary or nomad way. You just need to insert your smartphone in the flap, or to place it on it and your smartphone would be recognized and hence the charge could start.

Markets elements

DE RIGUEUR combine new technologies and traditional luxury to create a new category of hybrid goods. They also create a new market in the Fashion Tech sector which is called the Connected High Leather Goods. It includes the luxury sector (an estimated 224 billions dollars market in 2014 according to the Bain & Company study) and the connected goods market with 275% growth in 4 years (2012-2016) according to Idate.

The CEO words

I am very honored of this Award that legitimates our approach that combine elegance with convenience, the love for great materials and new technologies. We want to innovate in a very traditional sector and the CES, by awarding us, showed their interest for the Fashion Tech new designs. That means that in the other side of the Atlantic and in other parts of the world as well, there is a place for elegant and very useful products…

Adrien DESLOUS-PAOLI, DE RIGUEUR CEO, 21st century French House

The CES Innovation Awards rewarded last year 300 innovations divided in 28 thematic categories.