On September, the 15th 2015, 48 «gems» of French innovation were reunited in the French Ministry of Economy. The award ceremony was led by Axelle Lemaire, the French Digital Secretary of State. It gathered journalists and the whole representatives of « French Tech » labelled metropolis. This was a high point, confirming France as part of international start-up nations. Among the 48 laureates, 3 winners raised the colors of Lyon and Lyon French Tech.

48 flowers in France

They have been prized for their remarkable performances on the markets they target daily. They know how to question themselves and to fit into a sustainable growth with the will to conquer markets worlwide.
Detected by « French Tech » labelled metropolis, operators and partners, these companies with great potential were selected on the basis of their growth rate with a minimum rate determined by the turnover.

3 stages
  • first stage : 100K€ – 3M€
  • second stage : 3M€ – 10M€
  • third stage : 10M€ – 50M€

« Pass French Tech » start-up successfully fulfilled the demanding standards. These « gems» benefit from the coordination and synergy of partners that are BPIFrance, the Companies General Direction (DGE), Business France, Coface, the Patent Office (INPI), the Centres Innovation French Association (AFPC), and the Investors French Association  for Growth (AFIC) to guide their exponential growth and internationalization.

3 laureates companies from Lyon

Among the 48 companies, 3 are from Lyon :

  • Attestation légale : Attestation légale offers services to persons and legal entities that consist in collecting, creating, authenticating, preserving, broadcasting and managing all kind of legal, financial and social information. First based on real estate business, Attestation légale diversified its fields of intervention (Turnover between 100K€ and 3M€)
  • Geolid : Geodid’s mission is to help craftsmen, storekeepers and franchise networks to better appreciate the transformations of the communication sector, and to offer the most efficient solutions for them. Approved as « Régie Locale Google », Geolid is a partner of the most famous French printed press editors and became within 5 years an essential actor in web-to-store communication for storekeepers, craftsmen and SME. Its objective is to become the leader of local communication on the Internet. (Turnover between 10M€ and 50M€)
  • Reputation VIP : Reputation VIP is an agency specialised in online reputation. They are developing exclusive solutions and technologies to enable their customers to better manage their online reputation. That for, they created a unique solution: the Digital Fortress TM. Its main functionality: enable clients to choose which information to post when Internet users search them on Google (Turnover between 100K€ and 3M€).

Lyon French Tech association wishes all the best to its laureates, which some of them achieved new fundraisings (Geolid fundraised 10M€ by mid-September 2015). These laureates should inspire other start-up from Lyon French Tech’s ecosystem in order to promote the development of encouraging innovative projects.