2015 is with no doubt a great year for Lyon French Tech! Right after the settlement of the American company Evernote in February, of Kiss Kiss Bank Bank and 1Kubator in September, Lyon welcomes on its territory the French video games editor Ubisoft. This settlement of the 3rd video games independent editor in Europe and in the USA, confirms Lyon’s excellence and expertise in the video game industry.

Have you ever heard of Need of Speed, Test Drive Unlimited or V-Rally? Gamers would tell you that they are a must have! The video games industry describes these games as worldwide success stories. A success that comes from a Lyon studio : Ivory Tower. Founded in 2007, the studio is also the producer of The Crew, an open community auto race video game, launched in December 2014. As of today, The Crew has sold more than 3 millions copies and has confirmed the excellence of the Lyon studio: Ivory Tower achieved a turnover of 7,2 millions euros in 2014.

This latest hit required 7 years of development in collaboration with Ubisoft that led to the purchase of Ivory Tower by Ubisoft. 80 employees of the studio joined the international community of Ubisoft that recorded 1,4 billions euros turnover thanks to its 9 000 coworkers among 29 development studios worldwide.

Lyon French Tech is delighted with this news that demonstrates the dynamism and excellence of our ecosystem.