Apprenez à pitcher en anglais !
Salle Part-Dieu, 42 crs Suchet, 69002 Lyon
Vendredi 16 novembre, 09h00
Gratuit sur inscription

It's no secret that Public Speaking and Pitching are valuable skills.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur with a registered start-up and you speak English, apply now for an exclusive spot to participate in one of U.S. Consulate in Lyon in partnership with the Burgundy School of Business and the Embassy of the United States of America in Paris two 3-hour public speaking workshops where.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome fears of pitching in English
  • Use body language to optimize power and delivery
  • Construct the right type of pitch
  • Master elements of audience psychology
  • Practice speech presentation
  • Present by video or to a live audience

This training is designed to be as fun as it is instructive, giving participants the tools needed to excel, while creating a supportive atmosphere where taking risks is encouraged. Get ready to learn some fascinating insights from theater and neuroscience and how you can use this knowledge in your next pitch!

APPLY BEFORE Nov. 10th at !