France Digitale Day

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Mardi 26 septembre 2017, 09h00
53 Avenue des Terroirs de France, 75012 Paris

France Digitale Day

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Program (main themes) As choosen by FD members. Stay tuned for more information this summer!

  • Un/divided: inclusion, diversity, responsibility
    • How to reduce inequality with technology (wealth, food, water, working opportunities…)?
    • Diversity in the French start-up ecosystem: is a white « grandes ecoles » elitism developing? What can be done to put the French Tech at the forefront of tech diversity in the next 5 years?
    • Can France become the World’s Next Start-up Nation?
    • When Hoodies and Ping Pong aren’t enough: corporate social responsibility
  • Un/expected: alternative growth options for start-up
    • Bootstrapping: Take Money from Customers, Not Investors
    • Disrupting the VC model : how to raise $12MM in 3 hours
    • Building tech startups for scale and profit, not for IPO or sale: who is in?
    • When startups acquire startups: testimonials on external growth, picking a target and integration
    • Start-up: how to set your valuation
  • Un/thinkable: robots, big data, blockchain, AI, what’s next?
    • Customer data as currency : inevitable fate or opportunity?
    • Cybersecurity in a world that is increasingly connected
    • Blockchain v. Money : What’s stopping Bitcoin from becoming the Euro ?
    • Future of work and education in the face of artificial intelligence and robots
    • Ethics and algorithm transparency : should algorithms have a conscience ?
    • Demystifying AI : cutting through the buzz around AI
  • Un/stoppable: how important is your zip code?
    • Going international : everything you need to know before taking your business to the US, China or Africa.
    • Province v. Paris: how to start-up from everywhere
    • Exits in Europe for French startups: IPO vs industrial M&A, is the market finally evolving?
    • Why and when to use a US presence to develop your startup ?
  • Un/sexy: the start-up stories we don’t tell
    • Idolizing Start-up: how far is too far ?
    • War stories: behind the curtain with entrepreneurs who’ve failed  
    • Co-founder breakups: when your work spouse just doesn’t work out
    • Unsexy startups: Some of the words biggest problems are the least attractive to solve
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