LFT Breakfast #24: How to become VC compatible

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Mercredi 14 février 2018, 09h00
1 bis rue de la charité 69002

You’re a start-up founder, aiming for a fundraising and you wonder how to become VC compatible?

Come and meet Julien Petit during our LFT Breakfast #24. As a member of La Cuisine du Web, Start-up agent and Ambassador of France Digitale, he will give you the right « VC Compatible » Checklist.

Defensibility : the cornerstone of a start-up

VC focus especially on :

  • Making sure that you have a masterplan to improve your product’s quality while your client base grows : your product’s features need to get better and more diverse as more clients use it. How do you plan on delivering it? What are the key questions that Vcs are going to challenge you on?
  • The combination of two factors: Sucking up the air out their market and the improvement of the product induced by the network effect.

The goal of this meeting is to look out how defensibility is created. For that Julien Petit will show you clear and real examples that will feed your inspiration and help you align your project with the best VC fundraising standards and expectations.

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