Webinar Think & Play Sport - INSA

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Vendredi 2 avril 2021, 16h00

Webinar Think & Play Sport – INSA

4PM – What place is given to sport in engineering studies at INSA Lyon ?

For several years now, the institution has positioned itself in favour of the practice of sport, at all levels. We have been carrying out various reflections that we would like to share with you, aswell as our sports facilities we can offer your students.

How can we better support our athlete students in their international mobility?

INSA Lyon embarked on an Erasmus+ Sport adventure to make progress on this issue which concerns many students, either high level athletes or enthusiasts looking for the best way to to combine sport, studies and international mobility. Join us to discover our ambitions for this project!

4.30 PM – Let’s play and move together around the world!

In teams of 5, INSA Lyon challenges you to walk every day to win a global online race!
Don’t miss the top start with us for 21 days of fun, all together from a distance.

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